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End of another semester

Posted on Tuesday, 23rd of November 2010 1:10:43 PM by Max Bainrot. Permalink

Alas the end of another semester.

Just sat what I hope to be my final exam (I should nail it but as they say, dont assume you've got it till you got it).

Exam was the same as a trial exam 3 weeks ago except for different IPs and one or two diff questions, Irony was one question was the same as the trial and I had the notes for it as part of my reference sheet that we were permitted to bring in. (that being question asking us to implement a WMI Filter to insure that a app deployment group policy would only be implemented on computers with 25MB or more free disk space on a NTFS formatted "C:" partition.

Win Server 2k3 box, promote it to domain controller, create an OU, create some users and a group, etc.

70% of marks = Practical work.

30% of marks = Written questions.

Shame that our courses didn't go in a natural progression (e.g. Win Server 2k3 then Win Server 2k8, etc).

So far in my course I've gone from Win 2k3 to Win 2k8 and then back to Server 2k3 for Installing and Maintaining Servers.

Next semester actually looks like a real challenge (It's Diploma :D) and I look forward to it :D

Little note for my fellow students :)