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Mapping the Second Life(tm) World

Posted on Monday, 29th of November 2010 9:37:02 PM by Max Bainrot. Permalink

Recently I have resumed my push to develop a system for mapping the regions of Second Life.

At the time of writing I have a total of 8 bots. These 8 bots process on average 2 regions per minute (which is quite slow but its avoiding the TP throttle).

To process the entire Japanese continent consisting of approximately 3567 regions (this does include some private estates, I hope to be able to get a better list which allows me to filter), it will take approximately 4hr 52 minutes with 8 bots, and with an additional two, I should be able to process the 3567 regions in approximately 2hr 58 minutes :)

What varries these times is the bots have two teleport triggers.

1) The hud that does the mapping fires an owner message saying (in human understandable english) "Hey i am done!", there is a delay of 15 seconds so we don't smash into the LL wall

2) There is a backup timer in the bot code which forces a tp to the next region after 60 seconds should the hud fail to operate due to the bot having the misfortune of landing in a no script zone.

Whats my goal?

I plan on being able to map the entire mainland, in a 2 hr time span. Everyday.

A slightly further goal is to be able to do the above in 2 hrs, 4 times a day.

The interesting thing with llHTTPRequest, is there are no limits on how much data you can push out of the game, just how much you can download into the game. My data packets as they stand are 8192 bytes in length. (2x 4096 lots of data + some overhead). The limit for data retrieval (before it gets truncated) is 2048 bytes.

Either there is no limit or LL have made an epic oversight. Either way I ain't complaining It makes my life and the lives of other LSL scripters out there allot more bearable despite the fear of our code being leaked by holes in the world.

Hoping to break my personal best for processing time :)

At this very writing, my bots just logged out. This means they have completed their task :D