Max's Hole in Cyberspace 3.0

Mapping the Metaverse - UPDATE

Posted on Sunday, 19th of December 2010 10:29:45 PM by Max Bainrot. Permalink

Todays update :) Now featuring an exec summary :P

Executive Summary:

Project is currently stalled, while I find some motivation to redesign the map pages layout. At this point in time they look like something out of my Year 2 colouring in book.

The covers look really nice, quite professional.

Also looking at instead of a 100 page pilot release just releasing the lot and going "all in". If its gonna fail might as well do it with some level of epicness xD.


Pulled of a coding marathon recently, managed to get the auto-generation to the point of production quality. Further redesigning is needed as the modified format has resulted in squashed maps.

Originally I was planing on doing a 4x5 map grid per page, this would result it being a meer 250 ish pages of maps but the text was difficult for me to read and I have 20-20 vision what about the people in Second Life who have reduced eye sight??

So now its in 3x4 format, I may have to rescale the pages, I really don't want to as it will take allot of work and there is likely to be a more workable work-around.

Total statistics for my first release are, approximately 25 pages for just the preface of the book (3 pages of text, 22 pages of region name indexes :|).

Further more I have discovered my limit for running bots on my computer. I can run a maximum of 12 at the same time on my ADSL2+ connection before the congestion causes additional clients to drop.

Further releases may be broken into smaller chunks as I have found that the index pages alone are massive and it will increase affordability.

Another issue I have to address is the thing we all dread.... CHANGE :) SecondLife(tm) is not static, it changes. The biggest brick wall I could encounter is how much SL changes. If it changes allot in say a month it could create some problems, as at the moment it takes roughly one day to produce this data.

Yet another concern of mine is it may invoke griefers to determine aviation hotspots and decide to set up blocks or some kind of method to interfere with the resident's experience. Also residents who appose vehicles etc in SL may choose to create circumstances that would be unfavorable to aviation.

In a nutshell, I have allot of hurtles to jump to get this A380 like project in the air and with an eight subject semester looming time is running out to get this bird off the ground.