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Car Headlight Change

Posted on Saturday, 7th of January 2012 11:01:06 AM by Max Bainrot. Permalink

G'day everyone,

Today I decided to drop the headlight out of my Mazda 121 after it was broken from a flying stone as I have rego soon and thought screw it, it'd be a good w/e project.

Went to the local wreckers and it set me back $65.00 AUD, came with a working headlight but the parking light bulb was shot... no worries I got one from the old housing.

Started pulling the power connector and it wasn't budging, turns out there is a clip, pressed down on the tabs and VOLA :D

Then tried disconnecting the parking light and geesh that was a mungeral. Dust and crap got into the connecting housing making it really stiff, but nothing a bit of persuastion from a flat blade screwdriver can't fix.

Started pulling the housing out and it was being really stubborn, turns out Mazda don't want them headlights movin lol. Also had to take the grill off to get at the bottom bolts as well as set free the headlight.

Bit of wobbling and reefing and she came out without too much drama.

Started installing the second hand replacement and bolt her in with the socket set. Then I went to replace the grill.. Oh bother its missing a clip, no worries I'll canabalise the old housing for its clip. Then I realised the reason it's missing the clip is because the hole that the clip lives in is slighty busted, the other one was still good and it has 2 bolts holding it in so she'll be right.

In the end took me a few hours this morning and $65 and got a spare H4 headlight so I ain't complaining. On closer inspection of the old headlight it turns out had a bit of glass protruding so just as well as I changed it now instead of later.

Pics coming later (gotta resize the buggers lol) and work out how to get multiple file uploads working on my blog.

Usual legal crap, Mazda is a registered trademark of Mazda Motor Corporation (マツダ株式会社 Matsuda Kabushiki-gaisha).

Also on my todo list is (in kinda sorta order)