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The epic fail of Second Life's (tm) Teen Grid Migration

Posted on Saturday, 20th of November 2010 9:48:03 AM by Max Bainrot. Permalink

As many of my friends are aware, I am a Second Life(tm) resident.

Recently I read a blog post which is a reminder about the merger of the teen grid with the main grid.

Like many residents I have my concerns with regards to how the teenagers (16-17 yr olds) will be protected in the cyber jungle called the grid.

It is commendable that the Lindens are trying to grow their business by expanding their customer base but the problem is, they haven't covered their bases. And if they have, they haven't made it clear to their concerned residents.


Teenagers aged 13-15 years of age will be restricted to their sponsoring organisations private estate, won't be able to actually venture on to the real grid. They also apparently won't be able to use inworld search, etc

Teenagers aged 16-17 years of age will be restricted to G and PG rated regions, but can freely converse with adults, can tp to any region that has the G or PG rating.

Current policy as it stands (this is an interpretation of what I have read of the comments on the blogs and the jIRA issues)

G and PG parcels should contain basically what you would feel comfortable your grandmother seeing or the Queen of england

Mature parcels allow for sexual acts on the provision they are out of the public eye and are not advertised, High impact violence, bdsm, public sexual activities of any sort are not permitted

Adult parcels (in Zindra) is basically anything that the LL policy allows, kinda like a no post bars world. 

Main issues with the merger are:

In the end the writing was on the wall, teen grid was going to be merged with the main grid as the teens weren't spending enough money due to lack of content. Let's just hope that this doesn't result in a legal shit storm and LL goes bust because it would really suck for the world that many have invested thousands of dolars of REAL money into, to go poof because LL dropped the ball.

Hopefully in the coming office hours, these issues are addressed as it would suck to see the end to the world that we residents love.

I admit I look forward to more people being online in Second Life, I really do. It gets quite lonely being an Aussie in an American world.

In that, this is my first post being that of a rant.

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