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New Second Life product coming soon...

Posted on Saturday, 20th of November 2010 10:10:05 AM by Max Bainrot. Permalink

Been meaning to post this but never got around to it.

Recently I have been developing a dynamic maze generator for Second Life.

It's becoming more and more stable and with some changes I am going to make it should be ready for distribution shortly.

Current stats:

Maximum maze size: 32x32 (with a 8x8 meter grid size, it covers a whole region.).

Rez time @ Max size: Approx 17m 38s

Number of pieces @ Max Size:

Maximum Theoritical: 2048 (maxed out grid)

Usual prim count: 1026 (1024 + one stray + the rez box)

Reasons for limitations of the maze size:

1) It takes too long to generate a grid much bigger than 32x32

2) Data restrictions in second life, you can only receive 2048 bytes in a llHTTPRequest, and thus the maze is limited in that.

3) I don't think the region can handle many more objects being de-rezzed as it nearly falls over when you click "Clean up" and 1024 prims go POOF!

Hopefully once I get around these issues, port the maze generator over to LSL-MONO etc.

I will soon do a video of the rez :)